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Building Maintenance Audit Report

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Building Maintenance Audit Report

Maximise the longevity and value of your property portfolio with our Building Maintenance Audit Reports. Designed to streamline property upkeep and maintenance, our comprehensive inspections provide you with the insights and guidance needed to prioritise and address maintenance issues efficiently.

Efficient Property Management

Maintaining a property portfolio comes with its fair share of challenges, from identifying maintenance priorities to allocating resources effectively. Our Building Maintenance Audit Reports are designed to simplify this process by providing you with a clear roadmap for property upkeep. By conducting meticulous inspections, we identify maintenance needs across your portfolio, allowing you to prioritise and address issues in a timely manner.

Comprehensive Inspections

Our team of experienced professionals takes the time to conduct thorough inspections of each property in your portfolio. The inspections generally take a minimum of 3 hours and we carry out a very detailed assessment to understand the performance of the house you want to purchase. We are considered the most thorough Building Inspectors on the Central Coast whereas most other inspectors will take 1 hour or less to do their inspections, however for us time is not a factor but understanding your new home and your investment is. We inspect your home as if we are the one purchasing. We examine every aspect of the building, from structural integrity to the finer details, identifying any areas that require attention. By leaving no stone unturned, we ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the maintenance needs of each property.

Prioritise and Address Issues Efficiently

Armed with the insights from our Building Maintenance Audit Reports, you can prioritise maintenance tasks based on their urgency and impact on the property's value. Whether it's addressing minor repairs or implementing preventive maintenance measures, our reports empower you to take proactive steps to safeguard the integrity and value of your investments.

Safeguard Your Investments

Property maintenance is not just about preserving the physical appearance of your buildings; it's also about protecting the value of your investments. By staying on top of maintenance needs, you can prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs down the line. Our Building Maintenance Audit Reports serve as a proactive tool to help you protect the long-term value of your property portfolio.

Get Started Today

Ready to streamline property upkeep and maintenance across your portfolio? Contact us at Thoroughcheck today to schedule your Building Maintenance Audit Reports. With our meticulous inspections and comprehensive reports, you'll have the insights and guidance needed to prioritise and address maintenance issues efficiently, ensuring the continued value and integrity of your investments.

Shane Smith building and pest inspector

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a building and pest inspection report?
    It is a comprehensive report on the condition of a property's structure and systems, including any defects or issues that may need attention, as well as the property's risk of pest infestation, such as termites or vermin, and any existing infestations.
  • Why do I need a building and pest inspection report?
    A building inspection report is important to identify any potential issues or defects before purchasing a property, which could save you money and provide peace of mind.
  • How long does it take to get a building inspection report?
    We will issue the report within 3hr of completing the inspection.
  • How much does a building and pest inspection report cost?
    The cost of a building inspection report can vary based on location and the complexity of the property, but typically range from $550 to $650. A follow up phone call is included, and you are also welcome to call anytime after this.
  • What happens if significant issues are found during the inspection?
    We welcome and encourage you to be present at the inspection, especially at the end, as we can walk you through the issues If significant issues are found during the inspection, it may impact the purchase price or the decision to proceed with the purchase, and further assessments or repairs may be needed. It will be discussed in the followup phone call in detail.
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